Large slats from Wings Professional, a WAREMA Group company, make active SunLight Management possible for you while providing unique scope for facade design. With large slats you can creatively engage with the character of your building and create aesthetic highlights, as well as increase the energy efficiency buildings by effectively guiding daylight and minimising cooling load with shading. So with large slats you are not just doing something good for the environment by reducing the CO-2 emissions of your building, you are also creating a pleasant room climate and intelligently using daylight. Large slats combine efficiency and aesthetics into a unique experience!

Shading with a view: this cost-effective fixed solution promotes air circulation at the facade and can be used as sun shading and facade cladding.

Design freedom for windy locations: enrich the architecture with an innovative modular principle and many different slat shapes. They can be installed as fixed or movable systems, are operated with a push rod connected to the slats and can be automatically adjusted to the position of the sun.

Aesthetic accents in demanding areas: make any tensioning and slat width a reality, thanks to the modular construction, as well as any guides and designs, fixed or moveable, and automatic sun position tracking.

Our software tool supports you in planning the suitable sun shading system. The interactive, web-based tool provides brief descriptions, application examples and a wealth of additional information to help you select the right system. Furthermore, it contains a CAD configurator with which you can independently generate sections and views and adapt them to the structural conditions.

Large slat systems enhance the architecture with their innovative construction principle in a great variety of shapes and colours. They can be mounted to be fixed or movable.

The slat construction consists of the slat profiles themselves, support profiles (pillar profiles), which allow the slats to be stored or fixed using brackets and the kinematics incl. motor for pivotable units. This means that the slats can be operated by a motor and perfectly aligned with the position of the sun. The long-lasting and low-maintenance push rod principle is predominantly used for this purpose. Thanks to their particularly stable construction, they can tolerate adverse conditions – for fields of application with no limits.

The construction limit values are recalculated for each construction project, taking its location into account. Outside influences like snow loads, wind speeds and other weather conditions enter into the calculation.

A peripheral facade featuring vertically installed movable large slats specially developed for the construction project by the WAREMA Group ensures ideal lighting at any time of day.

The Erich Kästner School is one of the first public properties in Leipzig to satisfy the passive house standard, which the city made mandatory for all new buildings starting in 2008. The coloured large slats made of rib mesh serve as both a fascinating facade element and an intelligent sun shading system.

To alleviate the traffic situation in Luxembourg City, a bus station has been constructed on the Kirchberg plateau with a car park and two office buildings above it. The aim is for motorists to leave their cars here and switch to public transport, a bicycle or e-bike or to continue on foot. The car park has a unique facade with large slats from Wings Professional that were produced specifically for this building based on an architectural concept. External venetian blinds by Warema provide perfect sun shading for one of the office buildings.

To match the building's architecture, Wings Professional Project planned and fabricated custom large slats with a rusted look for the construction project. The vertically arranged movable large slats provide pleasant lighting conditions and a remarkable facade design.

Wings Professional Project planned and installed a total of 460 large slats as a movable sun shading system along the entire south facade of the new building.

The laboratory building for the MERGE Central Institution at the Technical University of Chemnitz was completed in 2020. For eight years, the MERGE Central Institution has been pursuing fundamental research questions in the field of lightweight design.

Wings Professional Project planned and installed hollow slats as a fixed sun shading system along the entire building, and as cladding to conceal the building systems equipment installed on the roof.

WAREMA fall protection VisioNeo combines safety with an optimal view out. The slender glass pane integrates harmoniously into every facade, enhances it optically and protects the inhabitants from falling out a window.

With WAREMA external venetian blinds, you can create an always-comfortable atmosphere in every construction project. The individually adjustable slat angle enables both control of the incidence of sunlight according to individual preference and protection against prying eyes.

Optimise the planning of your sun shading system with controls from WAREMA, the leading sun shading system manufacturer. Don't settle for anything less.

Set trends with the aesthetic and wind-stable window awnings from WAREMA. Thanks to the wide variety of designs, colours and models, they guarantee an unparalleled freedom of design and will impress you with their technical perfection.