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Peter Faad and Heiko Heitele have opened a very special adventure park southwest of Ulm: M3ELF features adventure golf, an artificial ice rink for curling, boules courts, a putting green/hole-in-one area and much more. A stylish outdoor space serving high-quality cuisine is the perfect place to while away the time.

Wings Professional Project planned and installed a total of 460 large slats as a movable sun shading system along the entire south facade of the new building.

The almost 339-metre high building in the European capital of skyscrapers was the tallest in Europe upon its completion. It was planned as the first tower block in Moscow City under strict sustainability criteria, consumes less water and electricity, and supports the use of natural daylight in a special way.

The Erich Kästner School is one of the first public properties in Leipzig to satisfy the passive house standard, which the city made mandatory for all new buildings starting in 2008. The coloured large slats made of rib mesh serve as both a fascinating facade element and an intelligent sun shading system.

Built on the site of the former Metso machine plant in Düsseldorf’s Lierenfeld district, the Factory Campus is a modern office locale that particularly appeals to young, dynamic companies with its flexible rooms and premises – a modern coworking space spanning 34,000 square metres. One key target for architect was to use a fully automated sun shading system.

The futuristic head office of industry giant SASOL is a science fiction dream turned into reality. Resembling a glass spacecraft, the prestigious building lavishly constructed by the Paragon Group virtually floats above the streets of Johannesburg.

The first thing passers-by will notice about the building, completed in 2018, is the cladding made of larch wood rods. It conveys sustainability thanks to its positive CO2 footprint and connection to nature. It also allows the building to blend in harmoniously with its surroundings.

Located at one end of Frankfurt's Europa Allee, the 180-metre high Grand Tower stands as Germany's tallest residential high-rise. Honeycomb-like recessed balconies cover the all-glass facade with a unique texture while offering maximum privacy and a fantastic view over the city.

Individual sun shading systems create a wonderful ambience inside and out. Whether the need to block out daylight or to let it in - every room has different sun shading requirements. The awning must also harmonise with the building in every respect.

It took just four months to completely renovate this three-apartment building in Neuss by the Lower Rhine. Facing southwest, the 1920s brick building basks in the sun all day long, especially in summer. A total of eight matte black, smart-controlled front-mounted awnings with drop arms now protect the windows and facade from heat while giving the building a Mediterranean look.

The 185 m high skyscraper, at the top of which a wind turbine that powers the building's lighting was installed, is the tallest residential building in London. One of the essential challenges in this project was to meet the architect's very detailed project-specific requirements.

The Hard Turm Park building complex was built on a former industrial estate in the popular district Zurich West and is now both a residential and business quarter.

Originally planned as an office building in the TRIOTOP business and country park in Cologne, the striking "Snake" complex was redesigned as a temporary school building. WAREMA E80A2S external venetian blinds with beaded slats were used for the external sun shading system.

The State Chancellery estate comprises a number of buildings, many of which were built over 100 years ago. In order to make the listed building fit for current and future requirements with regard to comfort, safety and energy efficiency, a new and effective sun shading control system was needed. An ideal field of application for the WAREMA Mobile System.

In the heart of Munich, a new, harmoniously designed residential quarter with over 200 apartments, a hotel and many shops and bars that invite you to linger. Schwabinger Tor stands for diversity, recreation and enrichment in urban living.

The laboratory building for the MERGE Central Institution at the Technical University of Chemnitz was completed in 2020. For eight years, the MERGE Central Institution has been pursuing fundamental research questions in the field of lightweight design.

The building of Saegeling Medizintechnik GmbH in the Saxon town of Heidenau was one of the first in Germany to be awarded the bronze Quality Seal for Sustainable Building (DGNB). Thanks to a comprehensive quality concept, the employees in the new building can work under ideal conditions with great comfort.

ADAC presents itself openly and transparently in Bruchsal. The clever sun shading control system WAREMA climatronic® ensures the best possible indoor climate in generously glazed office buildings.

Located in heart of Dresden, the Neumarkt is a fascinating combination of tradition and modernity. The sun shading systems faced unique challenges in helping to preserve this balance. For each window a solution with optimum configuration to the users' needs was found by installing different models of window awnings and external venetian blinds.

To alleviate the traffic situation in Luxembourg City, a bus station has been constructed on the Kirchberg plateau with a car park and two office buildings above it. The aim is for motorists to leave their cars here and switch to public transport, a bicycle or e-bike or to continue on foot. The car park has a unique facade with large slats from Wings Professional that were produced specifically for this building based on an architectural concept. External venetian blinds by Warema provide perfect sun shading for one of the office buildings.

The forward-looking new building project for the Zehnder Group in Lahr was guided by strict sustainability criteria and wellbeing in the workplace. In line with the Zehnder motto "always the best climate", the property developers employed the innovative Wellumic light management system produced by WAREMA and Trilux.

The Centre for Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL - Zentrum für Angewandte Luftfahrtforschung) in Hamburg-Finkenwerder, which is located in immediate proximity to the Airbus facility, provides space for around 600 workplaces on a usable area of more than 25,000 m².

The revitalisation of the former BRK headquarters has created a modern office and residential building in Munich's Lehel district. The building complex, arranged in a square block, was made fit for modern mixed use by the elaborate refurbishment with new development cores and high-grade entrance lobbies.

Berlin has gained another architectural highlight with the 50Hertz Netzquartier in Europacity. At a height of around 55 metres, the construction features seven L-shaped bases and six tower floors as well as an underground level.

State-of-the-art standards, a diverse infrastructure and an accessible location – THE SQUAIRE at Frankfurt's Airport City is a small city under a single roof and even has its own postal code: 60600.

Light, air and energy efficiency characterise the living and working estate at the border between Baar and Zug. The flats, which are fitted out to a high standard, feature large-surface glazing, which provides plenty of daylight. Balconies and patios shape the atmosphere and enhance quality of life.

With the Kurt-Masur-Schule (formerly 3. Schule Leipzig), the southern part of the city of Leipzig has gained a colourful school building. The new building was designed according to Passive House standard (PHPP) and provides space for approx. 560 pupils.

With its striking meandering shape, the HumboldtHafenEins in Berlin is an immediate eye-catcher. And that's a good thing, since the city's new landmark is a role model for sustainabile building.

The Munich skyline has gained a prominent addition in the western part of the city with the new ADAC building, whose tower rises 93 meters above its star-shaped base. The outer facade, adorned with a mosaic of 22 colour tones, makes the new headquarters of Europe's largest automobile club instantly recognisable even from a distance.

A peripheral facade featuring vertically installed movable large slats specially developed for the construction project by the WAREMA Group ensures ideal lighting at any time of day.

The striking horizontally and vertically structured Helvetia Tower in the Vierfeld quarter of the Pratteln district meets the highest design standards. Great importance was also placed on high-grade and sustainable materials during its construction.

The Sheridan Tower in Augsburg is an innovative office building which sets new standards for modern workplaces. The intelligent spatial layout is based on a central access core and flexible open-plan areas.

Wings Professional Project planned and installed hollow slats as a fixed sun shading system along the entire building, and as cladding to conceal the building systems equipment installed on the roof.

Every great piece of progress begins as an idea. The Bullitt Center aims to show what is already possible today and to increase the speed of change in the direction towards more efficient “green buildings”. Intelligent and dynamic sun shading is an important component in this.

To match the building's architecture, Wings Professional Project planned and fabricated custom large slats with a rusted look for the construction project. The vertically arranged movable large slats provide pleasant lighting conditions and a remarkable facade design.

The L-shaped design of this single-family home opens to the southwest, creating a courtyard space which serves as the focal point of all common rooms used by the four-person family who built the house.

The single-family home in Munich fits perfectly into the Gartenstadt district with its special solution of fabric facade and window awnings. The printed fabric creates the illusion of shadows cast by trees.

cube berlin's glazed facade houses Europe's most intelligent office building. The fully glazed double skin facade with technical sun shading solutions from WAREMA plays a significant role in the innovative Smart Building concept.

In 2019, a Passive House was built in Los Angeles to the highest standards. The architect and owner made the informed choice of the newest "Made in Germany" technology. All WAREMA external venetian blinds are automatically turned to the correct slat angle using the WAREMA climatronic® control with slat tracking. The building received the Energy Efficiency Award.

If you automatically think of the Louvre as having slender glass pyramids, then you don't yet know about the Louvre in Abu Dhabi. It might be just as slender, but otherwise it bears less of an optical resemblance to its brother in Paris. In turn it is much closer to the overall impression of the Arabian city and to the elements that shape this region of Earth.

The Irsee Monastery conference hotel is an important venue for economic, scientific, political and cultural events. After entering – and winning – a planning competition, the BANKWITZ general planning and architectural office was entrusted with the planning of a new building extension. From the outset, the planning was carried out in close consultation with the Munich heritage protection authority because the entire baroque monastery complex is listed. The modern building extension is shaded with concealed WAREMA window system awnings, front-mounted awnings and a multifunctional fabric.

With its striking meandering shape, the HumboldtHafenEins in Berlin is an immediate eye-catcher. And that's a good thing, since the city's new landmark is a role model for sustainabile building.

Three residential high-rise buildings – named the ‘WolkenWerk’ – have been erected in the former industrial and commercial area of Leutschenbach in Zurich's Oerlikon district. They comply with the Swiss Minergie construction standard and have already been widely praised by experts. The planners made a point of including a wide variety of apartment layouts and thinking closely about how they relate to the outside space. WAREMA awnings in various colours and fabrics were added to balconies and recessed balconies to provide sun shading and enhance the design.

The "Erlanger Höfe" residential area was erected on 31,500 m² of space at the former industrial site of Gossen AG in the center of Erlangen. Consultants SSP developed the architecture and the building from the blueprint of the urban development award winner Mess & MGF Architekten GmbH.

In order to welcome more people throughout the whole year, the owners installed two free-standing weather-proof Lamaxa slat roofs from WAREMA in the beer garden, increasing the amount of seating. Additional shade is provided by the Big Ben Freestyle parasol from Caravita, a brand from the WAREMA Group.