On this page we want to give you product recommendations based on different construction situations. In addition to installation drawings, which you can download directly as PDFs or DWGs, the recommended tender specifications will soon be available to be sent to you directly. You will find many other installation situations as well as the corresponding DWG drawings in our TechData. You will also receive data for virtually all sun shading products from WAREMA, which you can feed in to your BIM software to get the perfect results. Don't see your installation situation here? Our experts will be happy to assist you in planning your building project.

Sun shading as the basis for successful learning and efficient work: As well as light guidance, heat protection also plays a key role. Just a few degrees can make all the difference to our feeling of wellbeing and learning experience.

Maximum design freedom and a harmonious facade appearance: On tall buildings especially, external sun shading systems are exposed to strong winds. WAREMA offers very robust yet aesthetic solutions especially for locations exposed to wind.

Invisible integration and greater efficiency in sun shading system installation: Whether for renovations or new buildings. By using existing shafts, the sun shading system can be integrated efficiently and invisibly into the facade.

Reliable protection in an emergency with safety solutions from WAREMA: The requirements for emergency routes are increasing all the time, as are the requirements for sun shading systems. An escape door without a sun shading system would not only limit the appearance of the facade, it would also substantially limit the utility of the room.